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Nov 5, 2017
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Quizly enables and streamlines quiz creation within WordPress. Make beautiful responsive quizzes in minutes, instead of spending hours battling with heavy and complex interfaces.

- A WordPress plugin for creating funny quizzes, BuzzFeed style!
- Minimal and modern responsive design that adapts to your theme.
- Drag & drop interface that blends into the WordPress UI perfectly.
- Powerful options provide unmatched flexibility:
  • NEW: Insert custom HTML and scripts, including advertisement snippets and banners. Re-arrange and mix with the questions, using the same drag & drop interface.
  • Attach an image to each question, choice, or result. You can even set an image to serve as a background to questions – a popular technique, used on BuzzFeed.
  • Choose between creating a trivia quiz or set “weight” to each possible answer in order to enable complex scoring systems and build personality or other types of quizzes
  • Answer explanations
  • Auto-scrolling to the next question
  • Randomized order of choices
  • Choose between 2 or 3-column layout
  • Mix and match!
- Sharing to Facebook and Twitter to capitalize on the viral potential.
- E-mail capture.
- Export all captured e-mails to a CSV file with a single click, ready to import into any e-mail marketing platform (Mailchimp, Sendinblue, etc.)
– Quiz log.
– Extremely lightweight – no frameworks are used, just the built-in WordPress functions.
– Optimized for fast page loading, assets (CSS and JavaScript) are loaded only where they are needed.
– Follows the WordPress coding conventions.
– Secure – all user input is properly validated and sanitized.
– Translation-ready (included .POT file).



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